Current League Standings

Fall & Winter

Day League
Sunday Prince & Princess (as of 03/18/2018)
Monday Brenda Stevens Classic (as of 03/19/2018)
Golden Agers (as of 03/19/2018)
Gutter Dusters (as of 03/19/2018)
Witzke's King of the Hill (as of 03/19/2018)
Monday Senior Men (as of 03/19/2018)
Tuesday Shirts & Skirts (as of 03/20/2018)
Early Birds (as of 03/20/2018)
Just For Fun (as of 03/13/2018)
Wednesday Cornbelt (as of 03/21/2018)
Wednesday Morning Ladies (as of 03/21/2018)

Sr Citizens Mixed (as of 03/22/2018)
Regal Six Packers (as of 03/08/2018)
T'z (as of 03/01/2018)

Friday Friday Nite Mixed-Up (as of 03/09/2018)
Friday Nighters (as of 03/16/2018)
Saturday Cyclones (as of 11/11/2017)
Tornados (as of 11/11/2017)
Thunderbolts (as of 11/11/2017)
Saturday Night Mixed Ind (as of 03/17/2018)